Continious Integration for Flash and Flex

Lately I’ve been working with CruiseControl, a continuous integration tool, and unit testing (ASUnit and FlexUnit) for our ActionScript 2, ActionScript 3/Flex projects. With the help of a couple of some great posts from eyefodder and Peter Martin, I’ve finally come up with a nice little system that isn’t too much of a headache to set up and is very easy to maintain once it is set up.

When I get some real time, I’ll be sure to blog about the set up and give some walk-throughs on how to get everything up and running.

The basic ‘gist’ of continuous integration is:

To build your code as soon as it changes. This helps to identify problems with the source code as quickly as possible after the problem is introduced. By introducting unit tests into the build process, you add more integrity to the build as well as your code.

So, like I said as soon as I get some real time, I’ll be sure to put together some set up information.