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    June 12, 2009

    Such ham(s) for the camera!!

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    September 16, 2013

    Where do the images get downloaded? It looks like it is pulling my photos down, I just can’t find them. Thanks.

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      John Crosby
      September 16, 2013

      I should create a directory on your desktop named “dailymugshots”. In that directory it should create a directory using your userID and all the images should be in that directory.

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        September 17, 2013

        I just saw it. I feel stupid now. It works great. I wish they had made a way to do it but I’m glad someone smarter than me figured it out!

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    November 3, 2013

    Hi John, great idea, thank you. For me, it only downloads the photos up to “03/26/2012″ and no further. Any ideas why?

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      John Crosby
      November 4, 2013

      Weird, I don’t know. I’ll check it out and let you know.

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    November 21, 2013

    Hey thanks for the application it’s really helpful! The thing is that it downloads the pictures that were taken up until 2012 because the website went down and is not being updated anymore. So I was wondering if there’s a way I can get my newest pictures from 2013?

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    John Crosby
    April 29, 2013

    Yep it still works. You need to use your user id not your username. To get your user log into your account and then go to “My Mug Show”, then click the “See Your MugShow” link at the top of the page. The URL will have your user id at the end.

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