Quick fun with AIR & Dailymugshot.com

So i’ve been playing with DailyMugShot.com for the past couple of months. DailyMugShot is just that – you take 1 picture every day of your mug. Well I wanted all my mugshots and there wasn’t a direct way of downloading them from the site. They have an RSS feed for your shots, but it only shows the current picture.

They do have a little flash based badge that you can post to your site.

So with some hunting around in the firebug output I found where the little flash piece calls a service for the sequence of images. The dataservice is simple XML (Yay!), and I like ActionScript 3 and XML. So, I wrote an AIR app that downloads all my mugshot images. It is really basic and urls and final file locations are all hard-coded, but it was a fun 45 minutes and worked like a charm and I have all my past mug shots.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Update: If you’d like to play with dailymugshot.com I’ve compiled an AIR Application that will download all the images for a given user ID (you can get the userID from the slide show page URL)

http://www.thekuroko.com/wp-content/plugins/downloads-manager/img/icons/setup.gif download: \"DailyMugGetter\" AIR Application (980.95KB)
added: 15/03/2010
clicks: 705
description: Allows you to download all images for a UserID from http://www.dailymugshot.com

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